1. Are contact lenses healthy?
2. What are the different types of contact lenses?
3. Are rigid lenses better than soft lenses, or vice versa?
4. Which type of lens may help me see better?

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1. Are contact lenses Healthy?
Contact lenses are medical products. It is essential to evaluate carefully if your eyes can wear contact lenses. But if you've been examined comprehensively and been instructed what to do and what not, and there is a proper aftercare, then contact lenses are safe. Problems can occur if the examination was hasty, wrong type of lens was chosen, or the maintenance and cleaning of lenses are neglected.


2. What are the different types of contact-lenses?
There are two main categories: Soft and rigid (hard). There is a wide range of soft lenses different in their geomatry and - most important - in their material, which has an effect on adaptability. Rigid lenses are mostly gas permeable. The oxygen permeability of rigid lenses is at least double the one of a soft contact lens.


3) Are rigid lenses better than soft lenses, or vice versa?
All types of contact lenses have their own pros and cons. Soft lenses are initially comfort and therefore easy to adjust to, but they increase eye dryness and prove to build up deposits. Rigid contact lenses require a longer time to adjust to and initially are not so comfortable. However, by means of eye physiology, a smaller (a rigid lens compared to a soft lens) lens which prevents eye dryness is better.


4) Which type of lens may help me see better?
The visual acuity achieved is very good with all types of lenses (if fitted properly). But, as soft lenses' water percentage declines progressively or absorbs organic deposits, there may be a decrease of optical acuity. Rigid oxygen permeable lens do not change their shape (as soft lenses do when they dry up) and therefore keep the visual acuity stable.

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