How to prevent inflicting damage to your eyes?

Lack of knowledge or misusing contact-lenses might well harm your eyes.
To the same extent, improper or not updated aiding devices could, at least, effort and tire you.
We feel, that the public lacks information and is not aware enough to these subjects.
This site's purpose is to offer up-to-date information about contact-lenses, visual tasks and disfunctions, and more.
We'd like to emphasize that this is not a commercially oriented site.

Important Information

1) seeing 20/20 means perfect eyesight?
2) working with computers
3) problems in reading and learning (children)
4) why rigid gas permeable lenses?
5) possible damages (comfort against health)
6) orthokeratology
7) when intending to use contact-lenses or eye glasses


1) Seeing 20/20 Means Perfect Eyesight?
Not at all! You should be aware that the standard eye test was developed more than hundred years ago and intends to check only the students ability to read a chalkboard from the back of a schoolroom. But it does not test ability to read, write or handle prolonged close-up activities. Despite good ability to see at far, the near point stress lead to development of visual problems.
Our way of life causes a great deal of stress to the visual system: students have to read much more text books and more years of study. Adults constantly use their near vision at work and play. The shift to computers is engaging a fast growing number of workers and students in prolonged, intensive near vision tasks. Headaches, blurred vision, eye discomfort, lowering of visual performance, vision and eye problems, are the direct result of a failure to adapt to these new tasks.


2) Working with Video Display Terminals (Computers)
Intensive or prolonged work with computers is known as a factor of eye strain: itching and soreness, blurred and double vision, glare, headache, or neck and back pain, dry eye symptoms, etc. Binocular coordination and good focusing are very important in this type of work. In these conditions inadequate or wrong visual correction could be a significant factor. Hyperopes will need extra effort in focusing and astigmatics will feel blur at any distance and unsharp at any distance. All those are factors increasing adverse visual reactions. The Vision Computer center at The Eye Institute in Philadelphia suggests comprehensive eye examinations who includes visual checking at all distances and coordination and focusing abilities, without forgetting general health examinations.


3) READING AND VISION (children)
We should be aware that learning, especially with children, is very dependent of their ability in reading easily. But not only with children. The same counts for everyone learning or working and who needs prolonged efforts.
Problems at learning and working at near are caused by a combination of problems. The ability of reading is dependent of eight different skills:

1) Sharp visual acuity at far and near.
2) The ability of fixation, that means to focus properly on a text of printing and to follow a moving object with the eyes. WHILE DOING IT THE BRAIN IS PROCESSING COMPLEX OPERATIONS VERY FAST.
3) Binocular fusion or the ability of the brain in gathering information received from each eye and processing it in a single image.
4) Accomodation, which is the ability in adjusting the focusing of the eyes at changing distances as when looking alternatively as the chalkboard and the notebook.
5) STEREOPSIS which is possible only in the presence of binocular fusion.
6) Convergence, when both eyes are able to converge one towards the other and focusing together at a near distance text. Good convergence is very important for easy reading.
7) Field of vision, when one may be aware of objects on the periphery (up, down, right and left) as well as in the center.
8) Perception, what means the total process of recepting, recognizing and organizing visual images. This process is of outstanding importance for successful school achievement.


4. Why Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses?
1) Young people will enjoy the quality of vision and ocular health benefits provided by RGPs. They are highly motivated and more capable of handling a more prolonged fitting process. With RGP lenses they will be able of prolonged periods of wear many hours a day. It is also important to have in mind that there are many clinical studies showing that rigid lens. Even after significant improvements in toric soft lens manufacturing, there is no optical device who may offer the sharpness of vision at far, achieved with a rigid lens.
2) People who need crisp vision will enjoy specially rigid lens. Even after significant improvements in toric soft lens manufacturing, there is no optical device who may offer the sharpness of vision at far, achived with a rigid lens.
The best visual performance of astigmatics will be obtained with rigid lens.
With a much better oxygen permeability, a good surface wettability and better deposit resistance, rigid lens wearers may reduce the danger of developing complications.
5) Soft lens failures:
Patients who developed rejecting of soft lens, redness, progressive dryness, poor vision, giant papillar conjunctivities, etc., may be surpriesed after the switching to rigid lens.
6) Hyperopes
Those who need + lenses. Being that a rigid gas permeable lens transmits much more oxygen than a soft lens and this type of lens must be remarkable thick in the center, a rigid lens will offer a better result regarding eye health.


5) Possible Damages (Comfort against Health)
Commercially speaking the best deal is the soft lens, in its multiple versions: fast fitting, immediate comfort. But those who are wearing the lenses may not be aware that even light symptoms who are quite bearable may indicate the beginning of highly negative processes.
Following, a few samples of damage who may be caused even without feeling.

swelling of the palpebral conjunctiva (the inner side of the upper lids), in the form or round elevations, together with redness and secretion. The wearer feels in the advanced stages, itching, soreness and is unable to wear the lens.

Developing of a dangerous cell damage into the cornea. The wearer may feel nothing in the early stages and the only possible detection is through examination.

Breaking in of blood vessels from the sclera into the cornea. The cornea must be free of blood vessels and those blood vessels are indicating a damage.


Is a system of changing the corneal shape by means of rigid contact lenses in order to obtain a significant reduction in visual error (to reduce the power needed for visual correction). Sometimes up to obtaining complete correction without needing spectacles or contact lens correction at all.
In the United states the interest about using this system for reducing myopia in children is increasing widely. In USA parents are showing increasing interest in approaching this system to reduce increasing of myopia in their children / newly developed systems (as "reverse geometry") make the system easier and faster.


7) When intending to use contact-lenses or eye glasses:
And now, regarding contact lens, we must be aware that the commercial trend of massive advertising together with shortage of checking and aftercare may be dangerous. Contact lenses are -for the lease- a foreign object in the eye. Success in fitting means avoiding adverse effects and eye damage, who may appear even after prolonged periods wearing.

So we would like to point out that when you are looking for spectacle and your main concern is about the frame or the deal and not the comprehensive examination, or when looking for contact lenses you look only after bargain and comfort, you are giving the wrong answers to tour eyes needs.

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